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Sustain (Revive #2) by S.C. Harrison - My review

Sustain (Revive, #2)
Cat never thought she’d let herself be caught. But now it’s her only choice.
Mere minutes after Catriona Lindensen buries her uncle, the chase begins. The Phasmatis wastes no time hunting down their fabled Endurvakning Stelpa, but they’re not the only ones. Cat’s mind becomes a battleground as a new entity creeps ever closer promising safety and protection—at a cost: Card Thomas’ Glamour must fall.
There's a war on. Card struggles with his own demons that grow stronger and stronger in the fight against the Phasmatis and makes a decision that forever alters his relationship with Cat. Matt's true allegiance is called out and Hannah becomes more than she ever thought she would be--or wanted to be. We meet a new galdranorn boy with a strange sparking aura and a heart that could change the game. And Cat finally realizes what she needs to be to protect those around her, but it may spell out her own death.

About the series

The Revive Series is a young adult urban fantasy series following seventeen-year-old Cat as she  fights for her own mind against a demonic court of wraiths determined to imprison her for their own gain. Those close to Cat turn dangerous as she uncovers memories of who and what she is, and soon she must decide just how much to trust those she thinks she loves. Ultimately this strong female protagonist will have to lead the battle against the Phasmatis, or watch them destroy the family she built right in front of her. Parents: The Revive Series is written as young adult fiction, meaning it's best suited for teenagers and up. The series includes scenes of sensuality, bloody violence, animated corpses, ghosts/hauntings, sexual assault, and language, and therefore may not be suitable for children. If your child wants to read REVIVE, please read it first for yourself and decide if they should be exposed to the subject matter in this way.

My Review:

Unfortunately I didn't read the 1st boom in the series, "Revive", It is my lose cause I tremendously enjoy "Sustain".
Anyhow to Sustain, The main characters are:
Cat (Catriona Lindensen) - Cat used to moved from town to town with no memory. She was told she was involved in a car wreck with her parents. She was trusted in to the care of her uncle, Haldis. Cat memory slowly comes back because Card triggers some of it. Cat feels safe around him and she discovered that she is faerie - highly sensitive to iron, can see pretty good in the dark, Sharp hearing, strong connection with nature like trees earth, moving tremendously fast.....and such, but her ability to do magic is blocked.
After the death of Haldis (Cat killed him he wasn't her uncle anymore he was a shell which host inside a wraith), the Phasmatis renew their efforts to  hunt her down as their Endurvakning Stelpa, but they’re not the only ones. (The Latin Phrase Phasma Phasmatishas many meanings, mainly: ghost, spirit, specter.wraith)
Their bitter enemy the Witches (Galdranorn, mainly females) join to the race.  They knew about Cat from Helga, Cat's nun and latter house maid. Helga is one of the galdranorn and she was there to watch for the wraiths. Helga was the one to ask her sisters to protect Cat.
Cat’s mind becomes a battleground as they promised her safety and protection in their place in Iceland - of course at a price. They didn't wait for her to decide and sent Soren (male Galdranorn) to bring her with him trough a portal. Cat and Card did't trust the Galdranorns and keep trying to run and hide by themselves as best they can.
Card ThomasHaldis, Cat's uncle wanted to tell her something important about Card just before he died. She didn't listen and she was afraid to know. But Card really has a secret and he afraid to tell Cat about it. He afraid that at the day she will know about it she will despise him.
This also the reason that he hold them back from bonding, even both of them feel ready for it. In Faerie the meaning of bonding is a connection for all life. When one of the mates die the other can't move on and bond with another and has to live lonely till the end of his life. 
The first chink discovered while they had been in Las Vegas. There Card had to meet someone who is the only one who is the same like him, Rebekah. He also started to suffer from strange headaches, around Cat's that the source of where the cuff that she wear..
Card had a mixing feelings to ward Soren. He couldn't trust him and was starting to feel jealous for Cat's strong connection with him. 
Soren Inglesfier - My favorite character. He is a male Galdranorn from the clan in Iceland. His aunts the Witches sent him to fetch Cat. Soren has a funny British English and accent, which he acquired from watching TV. He is tall, pale, and skinning guy. He has red eyes and his hair is almost white and his body covered with black tattoos. The tattoos is hand made of his antes and suppose to protect him from anything.
As a male galdranorn he don't have nay magical powers. His antes treat him as somthing that you should get from it at birth, and in their house he did all the house chores. He even didn't know to write and read , Cat thought him. 
At their first meeting the wraith discovered Cat, while the terror griped her he cuffed her. He has the same cuff and it purpose was to hide from the wraiths, but also to able his ants to locate him. Cat's cuff  had the same purpose and able him to locate her with his own cuff. Both of them couldn't take them down and when they hold their hands his aunts couldn't track them and the masking just get stronger.
Along the way Cat start to feel that fully trust him, Soren himself, was falling hard for her.  But, Can Cat trust him?
Hannah -  Cat's Best friend, the kind that she could tell her every thing.  Soren told them that the wraiths are holding Cat's best friend Hannah. Cat's and Card determined to save her from the hands of the wraiths. They hold Hanna in purpose to attract Cat, as they knew that cat wouldn't allow her best friend to stay in their hands. Staying with the wraith isn't safe. Hannah was the one gave them their next destination to hide from the wraiths... in Banff Canada. She thought she was falling for Soren and in the beginning he cooperate with it. When he couldn't pretend anymore, Hannah found in Matt a real love.
Matt -  Got a straight order from Helga to help Soren, when he arrive to take Cat away to Iceland. At first Cat didn't trust him, she had 2 very good reasons for it. The first was that he almost assault her in the past and the 2nd that he cooperate for along time with the wraiths. The 1st reason he seem not to remember at all and the second she dismissed, when she found how he took care of Hannah all the time that the wraiths kept her.Is she going to make him confront with 1st one?
 * The time is ticking and the rings of wraiths around them get tighter and tight, they are going to discover that r every small mistake will discover as critical....
I really recommend you to read it, grantee that it is going to very hard to stop reading it. 

 About the author;

S.C. HarrisonSC Harrison I SC Harrison was born with a pen in her hand Liar has always loved writing duh? really hates most YA. After diving obsessively into a metric ass-load hundreds of titles, she became disillusioned infuriated disillusioned with the poorly written, unedited, plagiaristic, unoriginal, archetypal PANSY-ASS WEAKLING LITTLE HEROINES AND THEIR DOUCHE BAG BOYFRIENDS pieces of siht bestsellers. And so, after flaming many message boards a stroke of inspiration, she wrote her own. SC believes in showering twice daily writing incredibly long intelligent stories for teens and young adults who look for serial killers behind their shower curtains more from their novels than a vapid, insipid little one dimensional main character making stupid decisions for absolutely no reason Bella Swan. Her worlds are vivid and consuming, her characters deep and soulful, and the plots thought-provoking and surprising. In each story she hopes to create not only money an indelible atmosphere the reader craves long after the last page, but a new way of looking at hot guys the world. Rich in make-out scenes romance, humor, personal struggle, and the love that binds friends, family, and soulmates anything but "soulmates" soulmates, her stories lead readers into traffic fantasies where worlds collide and reality is questioned broken the enemy all in your head.