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Spindle (Two Monarchies Sequence, #1) by W.R. Gingell - My review

Spindle - W.R. Gingell

First !Thanks to Netgally for the opportunity to read this book.

Well, well, Mrs, Gingell said that it was fun writing this book (not editing of course), on my side it was most fun reading it (as a good writing story should do to a reader - I can't erase the smile of my face while I'm writing this review - I love a book with so much sense of humor. So many people forget how much, humor is important/ It is one of the cornerstone that make life bearable.

So now to the "Spindle" - basically Mrs. Gingell took the old fairy tale of sleeping beauty and create something else, something very refreshing, something that has magic, anti-magic and um-magic.

The characters in the plot are witty, clever and very loveable( most of the good guys). The main heroine is Polly and she isn't a princess, from a mysterious, some one put a curse on her that pot her to sleep for 300 years. But when she is kissed awake from a sleeping curse she's been under broken, by the very outrageous annoying Luck, which done it due to a contract he had to accomplish.

That is also when she, discover that everyone thinks she is a princess.

Luck is no prince either, in fact he's the furthest thing from it, he's an enchenter, a very powerful one, who had been sent to find the sleeping princess and bring her back to the capital to settle a shady government issue. He is very dedicated to his profession to the level of forgetting everything else. He tend to scattered, and chase anything that interest him at the moment. This make him very hard to live with.

Poly find that, he wont do anything that wont ignite his interest, he tend to forget that she have a personal space, and to get some answers from him can give anyone an Headache. As a person who grow in the court she used to people with manners, even though as one who considered as person without magic in a world that most of the people have kind of level of it, she also suffered from abusing. The real princess and her ladies in waiting made her as a target to bulling. As an orphan, there weren't any parents around to protect her from this. But still as a lay in waiting she had the privilege to get an education in history, politics and the in the theory of magic.

When Luck wake her from her sleep she discover that the world had change so much. It's not just the language, and the fashion. She woke up to find two states instead of three. That Civet, she knew turned to New Civet by swallowing Parras. In the New Civet aren't any monarch anymore, but a state that govern by a council. It happened while she was a sleep, when Civet marched to conquer Parss, and their army end in a frozen amber for 300 years. She also learned that the council had more fractions then the old kingdom and some of them, the Royalists are trying to bring the monarchy role back. The royalist think that she is the princess and the key for fulfill their interest.

Anyway Luck claim she has magic and not bother to believe her claim that she don't have any.He also claim that her none-existing ,magic interfere with his and this is why they find themselves in others places them he originally intend or that thing just ended totally different. So this is why he deiced to take her to his village, so he can straight some of the things.He also inform her to hurry so they can catch it in the place that it stay right now. The reason that the village is so shifty is the Forest that it build beside. It has a very raw magical elements, foundations that can influence anything.

He also forget to mention that the people of this village admire ans worship him as god, because his age (150 years)and his strong abilities in magic. He also has a lot of females admirers that each of them tend to look on him dreamily hoping to catch his green eyes in more than fleetly stare.But this was ok only till Poly arrived, every body was shocked to learn that Poly not impress, that she dare to stand on her opinions, and if she have to chastise him she will do it without a second thought.

First time in her life Poly stand in the center of attention, especially male attention and while it was weird (as in the court she had to be invisible - the last abused she had suffer from the princess was cutting her short) in the beginning she started to like it very very much. What I loved in this story that image of Poly wasn't perfect , yes she was pretty but she also was short sighted and had to wear glasses.

In one of the more coherent explanations that he usually gives her she learn that there are 3 kins of magic - the regular one which is common, anti-magic which is less common and un-magic which is very rare. Poly could saw magic in colors. In a very beautiful descriptions the author gave Ploy the ability to see that each person has a different color to his magic ( for exemple Luck has golden magic, Michael has silver, Merissa has red and so on). which create world full of colorful striped of magics. She also learn she can manipulate this stripes of colors.

Poly learned that she has big gaps in her memory. Some things didn't add up. She also discover that the name Mordion ignite bad feelings for some reason and latter it also trigger some of her lost memories. With this, she learned that her powers were stolen, and that her old self hide some of of it with hints how to bring them back. Along this she started to understand why such unimportant lady , in waiting as her was put under a curse in the first place

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