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Arrow of the Mist (Arrow of the Mist #1) by Christina Mercer

The Sixth Wife by Laura Lond

Adelia has no one to blame for her heartache. She’d been cautioned, many times and by many people. Everyone except her mother had told her it was folly to marry an elf, citing a host of reasons. Adelia knew their warnings were not unfounded. She knew he was very different from her and her kind, he was much older, and he’d had five other wives before her. She didn’t care. She had chosen her path. 


My opinion:


This is a short story. It was a rather interesting storyline and one that I think many can relate to aging and loving someone. The story takes place in Adelia’s late years (50' to 70′s) as she’s dealing with the fact that she’s an aging human living in an ageless elf world, living with her elf husband who hasn’t changed in appearance since the day they married.
This isn’t only a strange attempt at a romance between an elf who’s still hung up on his first wife, who died on him countless years ago, and a human who’s grown to accept the fact that she doesn’t belong in a world surrounded by elves.
There’s an underlying theme of what inner beauty really means, and how vanity can often get in the way of happiness - Ametar tried to recapture the happiness and love he had had with Hannah with wives number two and three but chose badly. He was more successful with wives four and five but suffered all the more when they aged and died. He had no plans for another mortal wife, in fact, the elven priest has repeatedly pressured him to find an elven woman with whom he could share the centuries. But he met Adelia and fell in love… Adelia, who married him at eighteen, loves him deeply – as deeply as he loves her.

At age 50 Ametar succeeded to convince her to stay with him. But when the time pass by and her body kept betraying her - despite his begging her to stay, at age 75 she choose to retire to another place for whatever time remains to her. Ametar tried also to bring forward the argument that out side look is deceiving and he just look young but actually very old on the inside. Adelia, wasn't convinced, and left him to far away manor, of course preferring that he wouldn't come to visit.

The solution appear when Ametar called to assist with some rescued captives and there he find a friend whom he thought long dead. This friend mention to him a rite, that would tie Adelia lifeline to his(A rite the priest who claimed to be his friend had neglected to mention ‘for his own good’).

Usually i don't like to read short stories, as I finish them too quickly. But with this story I found myself keep thinking about many days after I finished it.... so I believe that it reach it target.