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Release Date: 2014

Summary from Goodreads:

The epic conclusion to The Vortex Series coming soon!

In an instant everything changes for seventeen-year-old Cassie Moore. Together she and her time-traveling boyfriend, Trent Astor, battle to survive their next impossible challenge. As they navigate through a third parallel world in which Cassie begged Trent to create for her, the two soon discover that no world can be made perfect.
And while they fight through their new circumstances, the universe may just have its own agenda for them both.
With DEUCE, the 3rd and final book of The Vortex Series, Janine Caldwell combines fantasy and romance to create a compelling love story of integrity and sacrifice.

My review:

Unfortunately I didn't have the luck to read the 2 previous book in the series.but I did some "homework" to understand what I am reading about. The story is written from both points of view of the main characters Trent and Cassie. While we got rid from the evil Dr. fox we acquired new villeins.
The language in the book is very typical today "teens", so for YA it is ideal. There is another thing that make the book suitable for YA, is that the relationships are hardly more then some mare kisses and hugs. The reading itself were fast pace and along the way a lot of turning and change overs.
Trent Astor when he was 12 years old, the car that he was traveling in with his parents, spun out of control and ended up going over a cliff, killing his parents. By some sort of miracle, he survived. The tragedy of his parents death made Trent "grow up" faster than any child should. He had his younger sister Lorelei to look after and trying to have a normal life was out of the question. Something supernatural happened to Trent while he lay waiting in the wreckage. 
Since then he was able to physically time travel. He would get visions of people getting hurt or injured, and before he knew it, he would end up traveling to that point in time, and he knew that he was meant to change the outcome of sorts.
In the beginning of the book he don't jump, in fact it look that the ability to jump and the treat, mysteriously passed to Cassie. The book actually open with Cassie disappearance to another time line to save a boy from the wolves and Trent had to wait for till she came back. To  make things more complicated all Dr, Fix send "long hands from his grave", and his research somehow reached and publishes at the scientific magazines. And then..... He suddenly disappeared.......
 Cassie MooreOnce a girl whose tennis dreams were shattered after she gets shot, and who has to live with the aftermath for the rest of her life. Now it is her term to experience the meaning of time travel. At the beginning she is in denial and lose precious time to train and to learn to control it. What she going to tell her parents? how ah going to explain her sudden disappearances and repeating sickness?
The problem is that her parents in this life time are over protective. They don't like and also are not excepting Trent. They demand that she will cut their relationship altogether and claim that he have a bad influence on her.
Jeff - He is the son of her parents best friends. At  This life  time Cassie thought that they succeeded to erase all clue to that their relationship is no more then good friends, maybe something of a sibling. Trent can't forget what was and he can't trust him and even feel jealousy. All was well till Jeff fell on his head during a play of basket ball. and then weird thing start to happen.
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About the Author

Janine Caldwell was born in Concord, CA and raised in the small San Francisco Bay Area town of Clayton. Four days after high school graduation, Janine attended California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and graduated with a degree in English.
Janine now lives in Anthem, AZ with her husband and two sons. As a lifelong literature fanatic, she knew it was only a matter of time before she would become obsessed with writing her own work. With relatives like the Brothers Grimm and Anita Loos (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes), she figured fantasy writing had to be in her DNA.
Books published by Janine include Visited, a YA coming-of-age fantasy, Rematch andDouble Fault–the first two books of The Vortex Series. The final book in this YA fantasy romance, Deuce, will be released soon.
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